Regent Persona 5: How to Defeat Regent (Treasure Demon)

How to Defeat Regent in Persona 5, How to Beat Regent Persona 5

Regent Persona 5: What better than a game which requires you to bring about a change in the hearts of evil adults and felon? Persona 5 has a righteous fury to it, teenagers mete out justice with their powers which enables them to dive into the physical manifestation of a person’s psyche and the distorted and twisted desires they harbor. In the other realm known as Metaverse, the protagonist and his compatriots can bring about a change in the human conditions in the real world by stealing the treasure which represents the heart of an evil individual from his palace and transforms him. With a series of dungeon crawlers, improving relations with the compatriots and the non-playable characters and defeating several characters so that you several benefits, it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Persona 5 will require you to beat several powerful bosses, demons, and shadows in order to reach your goal. This article will talk about how you can defeat Regent. Let’s get to know a bit about Regent itself.

What is Regent in Persona 5?

The Regent is a persona in Persona 5 which is based on the Regent Diamond, a rare and gigantic 141-karat diamond from India, named by the French Regent Philippe the second. It’s a powerful persona for fusion but can’t be used in combats. It can be used for special augmentation.

What is the usage of Regent in Persona 5?

Regent can be used for special fusions. Which will strengthen your new persona tremendously? Fusing the Regent has the following impact on different personas:

  • Rank +1: Magician, Hierophant, Chariot, Justice, Fortune, Hanged Man, Death, Star, Sun
  • Rank +2: Emperor, Hermit
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  • Rank -1: Fool, Priestess, Empress, Lovers, Strength, Temperance, Tower, Moon, Judgement
  • Rank -2: Devil

How to beat Regent (Treasure Demon) in Persona 5?

You will encounter the Treasure Demon, Regent when you reach the Second Palace in Persona 5. It takes a lot of this powerful shadow to go down but once it happens, they reward you magnanimously. Regent being the very first treasure demon you will encounter and also the weakest among them. Regent is level 10 so make sure that you are that level or above since you cannot make a persona join you if they are on a higher level than you. It is important to strike the Regent at their weakness because they will randomly pop up in the game and can be major inconvenience at times if you don’t know how to defeat it. The following table shows the Regent stats:


How to Beat Regent Persona 5, Defeat Regent in Persona 5

      12       11         10       10   10
 3005000           None          Zio

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Physical   Gun   Fire   Ice  Elec
 Resist  Resist  Resist  Resist  Resist
  Wind  Psy  Nucl Bless Curse Almi
 Resist Weak Weak Resist Resist   80
  • Block- Bless, Curse
  • Resist- Physical, Gun, Elemental
  • Weak- Psychic, Nuclear

List of Skills:

Maragi10 SPLight Fire damage to all foes. Rare chance of Burn.Innate
Mabufu 10 SP Light Ice damage to all foes. Rare chance of Freeze.Innate
Maguru 8 SP Light Wind damage to all foes. Technical dmg: Burn.Innate
Mazio10 SP Light Electric damage to all foes. Rare chance of Shock.Innate
Mapsi10 SP Light Psy damage to all foes. Technical dmg: Mental ailment.Innate
Mafrei 10 SP Light Nuclear damage to all foes. Technical dmg: Burn/Freeze/Shock.Innate
Makouha10 SP Light Bless damage to all foes.Innate
Maeiha 10 SP Light Curse damage to all foes.Innate

Repeatedly striking it with the Psychic and Nuclear attack, it will do the trick. They are weak to both of these which can prove advantageous for the protagonist. Also, they are immune to bless and curse. So bear that in mind while deciding on the attack.

How to make increase your visibility in order to encounter Regent Persona 5?

Since they reward you so generously once defeated, you will want to encounter them often. Treasure Trap Infiltration Tool will boost your appearance rate. This was all about Regent, the treasure demons and how to beat them, their stats and the benefits you get from having a Regent.

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